black sesame seed extract

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Keywords:Black seasome , plant extract , Sesamin
Origin:Made In China

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Product Description

Basic information:

Product Name:Black Sesame Seed Extract

Latin Name: Sesamum indicum L 

Used Part:Seed

Appearance:White fine powder

Active ingredient: Sesamin

Specifications: 98%

Other specification:10%~99%

Test Method: HPLC

CAS: 607-80-7

Molecular Formula: C20H18O6

Molecular Weight: 354.36

Sesamin is a non-competitive inhibitor of 5-desaturase,sesamin is extracted from Sesamum indicum L,as white powder.Sesamin's melting point is 125 ~ 126 C.Sesamin soluble in chloroform, benzene, acetic acid, acetone, slightly soluble in ether, petroleum ether.Sesamin almost insoluble in water,an alkaline solution and hydrochloric acid.Sesamin inhibits the conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid, and consequently decreases the formation of proinflammatory 2-series prostaglandins.Sesamin can decrease cholesterol levels,while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL aka "good cholesterol") levels,sesamin can be an anti-inflammatory skin problem: sesamin can inhibit the growth of SC (skin cancer) cell. It can protect skin from UV is mainly used for regulating blood pressure and burning fat.It also has antioxidant property.



1. Sesame extract has anti-inflammatory effect.
2. It helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.
3. It can promote fat burning.
4. It is a natural food preservative
5. Sesame extract can protect liver.
6. Sesame extract sesamin can be used as a natural material for cosmetic.



1. Applied in food field, it can be used as cooking materials, making delicious snacks and fresh sesame seed cake;

2. Applied in health product field, it may be suitable for the people of dizziness, vertigo, backache petrified, tinnitus and deafness caused by liver and kidney shortage;

3. Applied in cosmetic field, it is rich in vitamin E, preventing lipid peroxidation damage of the skin.

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